In 2017, Kendra Davis made a vow to make her own candles as a hobby. She dug deep to find out what ingredients make the best scented candle. To her surprise she discovered there’s a lot more to candles then wax and wicks. Paraffin wax ( which is used in most candles on the market) is made of gasoline by-products and when burned, releases two cancer-causing toxins into the air your family members and pets breath in. Kendra knew right then and there she needed to find an alternative wax that was safe to use and wouldn’t produce the black soot you find on the jars of candles containing paraffin wax. After much trial and error she came up with a formula that produced the best scented long lasting candle. KMD Kandles are hand-poured in small batches using 100% natural soy wax, infused with fragrance oil and a wood wick that when lit, lightly crackles like a log on a fire. Each 8 oz candles burn approximately 30 hours and they smell incredible even when unlit.

Her mission is for her candles to bring a sense of relaxation and mental peace to homes around the world.


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